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Extracts, herbs and a high dose of certain vitamins have shown to be far more effective than steroid treatments, UV lighting and other methods offered by the medical industry. The all natural methods with herbs, vitamins and extracts seems to be far better off when it comes to stimulating the melanocytes to start producing pigment again so you will get your skin color back. The classic symptoms of Vitiligo are white patches on your skin, that either can come very fast or very slow. For some it can take years before it is fully developed others just a matter of days. The patches will appear on areas typically exposed to the sun like feet, hands and face, but may also occur under the arms, groin and in the genital area as well. There is a tendency that people with grey hair early in their life may have a higher risk of getting Vitiligo. Treating Vitiligo is still an area that is under research, but normally a treatment will be classified under how the extent of the condition is, but indeed also how much the patient can afford to pay, because these types of treatments can be very expensive and also associated with a high risk of side effects. When it comes to finding a potential Vitiligo diet program that will entirely cure Vitiligo you unfortunately have to look for a very long time. However the right Vitiligo diet program is still an important element of a potential Vitiligo Cure that not only contains a appropriate diet program, with healthy ingredients that seek to enhance and boost your immune system which plays a huge role when it comes to Vitiligo, but also contains herbs, extracts and a high amount of Vitamins. There are much more information available on this matter in Michael Dawson’s E Book Natural Vitiligo Treatment System. Besides that a appropriate Vitiligo diet program should always be as organic as possible, because addictives and chemicals added to the food might be a result in for Vitiligo as well. What also should be included are good sources of proteins either from fish or chicken but soy will do as well. Red meat can be included but limited because of the high levels of cholesterol. Speaking of cholesterol oats is a very important ingredient in a Vitiligo diet program that not only carries a lot of health rewards but also can help to relief Vitiligo victims as well.